ILSb’s Master Mike Zuhl in Toronto to present “From Trainee to Master: The Traditional Leatherman”

Master Mike Zuhl, founder of the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contest, will be in Toronto on Saturday, March 21 to present “From Trainee to Master: The Traditional Leatherman.”

Master Mike will discuss his personal leather journey, his leather indoctrination, and what are commonly referred to as “Old Guard” traditions, rules, and values. The event will take place from 6:00pm-9:00pm at Northbound Leather (586 Yonge St). Tickets are $20 and are only available at Northbound Leather. Seating is limited.

The founder, past owner and past producer of the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack contests, Master Mike is currently the Head Judge Emeritus of the ILSb contests, which have been produced by Leather Heritage LLC since 2008.

Prior to founding ILSb, Master Mike produced the International Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy contests from 1999 to 2001. He also produced the Pennsylvania Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy contests, from 1998 to 2001.

Master Mike is a dedicated Leatherman who has been mentoring leather folk and teaching his leather skills for the past 25 years. His current passion is the Leather Skills Certification Council, a peer review certification program to obtain different levels of skill certifications within the leather kink lifestyle. The online process is open to tops, bottoms, Masters, slaves, Sirs, boys and others who wish to be certified in their leather lifestyle skills.

In 2005, Master Mike founded the Leather Community Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, the first and only natural disaster relief fund targeted specifically for the leather community.

He has judged leather contests all over North America, including International Mr. Leather 2005, Mid-Atlantic Leather 2002 and Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2004.

Master Mike has won Pantheon of Leather awards for Couple Of The Year (2007), with his partner Matt Vertz; the Community Choice Man Of The Year (2002); and, President’s Award (1999). He is a member of BLUF and a board member of Cleveland Leather Awareness weekend (CLAW).

Master Mike is proprietor of Leather Central Bar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He lives with his partner of 12 years, slave and boy, and has nurtured a leather family from coast to coast.