Eastern Canada LeatherSIR / Leatherboy 2011 Results

(Toronto) – The Eastern Canada LeatherSIR/Leatherboy 2011 Contest Weekend was held February 18-20, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. Presenting Sponsor for the weekend was Steamworks, the Official Bathhouse for ECLSb 2011.

Photo: Irrational Machine

Master Chuck of Sudbury, Ontario is Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2011 and boy iain, of Toronto, Ontario, is Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2011.

Following individual interviews with a panel of judges, Master Chuck and boy iain entertained the audience with rousing performances in three stage segments: leather image & speech, leather-sex fantasy scene, and physique/jockstrap. The fantasy portion sets the ECLSb contest apart from most other leather contests. In this segment, contestants are required to display their BDSM interests and play skills in a fantasy scene that follows an assigned theme. This year’s theme was “Movies.”

Members of the judging panel were: International LeatherSIR 2010 Hugh Russell, from Seattle (WA) who served as head judge; International Leatherboy 2010 boy Ian, from Hamilton (ON); International Community Bootblack 2010 RedWarrior, from Jacksonville (FL); Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2010 Marc Poisson, from Niagara Falls (ON); and, Peter Dillon, Mr Leatherman Toronto 2009, from Toronto (ON).

Returning to emcee his fifth ECLSb contest was Tom Stice, International slave 1995 and Southeast Mr Drummer 1998, from Chicago (IL). Tally Master was Anthoney Perkins, Mid-Atlantic Leatherboy 2010, from Washington (DC). Judge’s boy was Pup Kalen, from Toronto. Den Daddy was Matthew Pavelich, Mr Leatherman Toronto 2008, from Toronto. Stage Manager for the contest was Fenn, Mr International Rubber 2010, from Toronto.

During the contest, ECLSb Community Builder Awards were presented to three individuals in the community in recognition of their outstanding volunteer commitment to the leather community of Toronto. Awards were presented to John Brodhagen, Carlos Filetti, and Fenn.

ECLSb weekend featured six events, including two events by Spearhead LDC and Mr Leatherman Toronto. The Official Meat & Greet was held Friday night at Black Eagle Toronto where attendees met and mingled with contestants, judges and out of town guests, as well as members of Spearhead celebrating the kick-off for Fantasy Ball weekend and a Bears of Toronto club night. The ECLSb Contest was held on Saturday afternoon at Goodhandy’s. That night everyone celebrated Master Chuck and boy iain’s new titles at a Victory Party held at Black Eagle Toronto. Saturday night survivors were up in time to attend the butchest brunch in town, the monthly Mr Leatherman Toronto brunch, held at the Churchmouse & Firkin. The event with the most sex and sweat was Squeal, a men’s leather play party held Sunday afternoon at Steamworks, the Official Bathhouse for ECLSb 2011. With rooms in Toronto’s largest bathhouse sold-out by 2pm, more than 150 men made Squeal the sexy sequel to previous successful ECLSb parties held at Steamworks. With Monday a provincial holiday in Ontario, the weekend celebration continued late into Sunday night, as leatherfolk gathered for Spearhead’s annual Fantasy Ball & Official ECLSb Victory Dance, featuring DJ Paul Grace.

Master Chuck and boy iain will compete at the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contests. ILSb & International Community Bootblack weekend will take place Thursday, July 28 through Sunday, July 30, 2011 in San Francisco, coinciding with the Dore Alley leather street fair on Sunday, July 31.

LeatherSIR/Leatherboy are “players titles,” titles representing the erotic and sexual side of gay leathermen. The primary goal of ECLSb is networking and outreach, to help educate the community about leathermen, our erotic expression, traditions and history, and, of course, BDSM and hot leather sex. The Eastern Canada contest is open to leathermen from Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Presenting Sponsor of ECLSb 2011 is Steamworks (www.steamworksonline.com). Major sponsors include Priape (www.priape.com) and Squirt.org (www.Squirt.org). Elbow Grease is the Official Lube Sponsor of ECLSb weekend (www.elbowgreaselubricants.com). Community Partners include Black Eagle Toronto (www.blackeagletoronto.com), Goodhandy’s (www.goodhandys.com), Spearhead LDSC (www.spearheadtoronto.com) and Churchmouse & Firkin (churchmouse.firkinpubs.com).

Since 2005, Eastern Canada LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contest weekend has been produced by Brandon Matheson (EC LeatherSIR 2004) and Dan Falkenham (EC Leatherboy 2004).

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