ECLSb Invades Michigan

As Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2011 iain noted on his blog, he was in Detroit for the recent Ms. Michigan Leather/Michigan LeatherSIR/Leatherboy/Community Bootblack contests, along with Master Chuck, Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2011, and boy Ian, International Leatherboy 2010 (and Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2010).

Congratulations to boy Jim, Michigan Leatherboy 2011!

iain reported back with some pictures from the weekend:

Master Chuck and boy iain, somewhere in Detroit

boy iain and boy Ian, clearly up to something (boys!)

With the winners from the weekend's competitions. Back (L-R): Bryon Hayes (Mr Leather Michigan 2010), Ms. Pandora, Trooper, David German (Mr. Michigan Leather 2011). Front: ECLb boy iain, Michigan Leatherboy 2011 boy Jim, International Leatherboy 2010 boy Ian

Also visit the Ms. Michigan Leather, Michigan LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and Michigan Community Bootblack website at