New “Changing Of The Guard” reception added to ECLSb Weekend

ECLSb 2013 Contest Weekend

Event will feature keynote speech by Sir Marc Paquet-Decker

(Toronto, Ontario, CA) — Organizers of the Eastern Canada LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contest today announced a new event for the 2013 contest weekend. ECLSb 2013 will run Thursday, March 28 through Sunday, March 31 (Easter long weekend), in Toronto. Presenting Sponsor of ECLSb 2013 is Steamworks, the official bathhouse of ECLSb. Our Major Sponsor is Priape.

New this year is the “Changing Of The Guard” reception; a new afternoon format for the traditional ‘Meet and Greet’ held each contest weekend. Changing Of The Guard will be held the afternoon of (Good) Friday, March 29 from 1pm-5pm, at Club 120 (formerly Goodhandy’s, 120 Church St, at Richmond). In addition to meeting and mingling with contestants, judges, out of town guests and local leather folk, a highlight of Changing Of The Guard will be a keynote speech by Sir Marc Paquet-Decker, of Toronto. Admission is $5; proceeds to ECLSb travel fund. Light refreshments; cash bar; special surprises and door prizes!

Sir Marc Paquet-Decker

Marc Paquet-Decker

Originally from Quebec City, Sir Marc Paquet-Decker established himself in Toronto in 1988. His kinky specialties revolve around medical play (saline infusion, catheters, speculums and play piercing), fisting, and single tails. He once abandoned the leather lifestyle, after the passing of His Master years ago. He eventually rejoined to honour the memory of his Mentor, and to preserve and pass on his knowledge of the leather lifestyle. A turning point for Sir Marc was during the Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2008 competition, where he competed as Mr. Spearhead 2008. During the throes of the events preceding the competition and the competition itself, Sir Marc realized how important it is to keep alive our leather traditions, while needing to adapt them to our modern era. Trained under “Old Guard” traditions, rules and protocols, Sir Marc fully endorses the modernization of our way of life, provided that it is improved for the benefit of the community at large. Sir Marc is head of a leather family, starting with his two collared boys, connor and farrell. He is also founder and head of “The Leather Vajra Family,” his much larger leather family, which is presently comprised of more than 100 members, found coast-to-coast across North America. A long-time Buddhist, Sir Marc not only embraces that philosophy but also adds elements to his leather life. The Buddhist symbol the “vajra” is his family crest. He is also a member of Mama’s Family, pinned as “Mama’s Canadian Vajra.” Sir Marc has judged leather competitions in Ontario, been a featured presenter at Kink Kamp in Alberta, and, since 2009, has served as a member of the “So You Want to Be Kinky???” education group.

The ECLSb 2013 contest weekend will feature seven events between Thursday night (March 28) and Sunday afternoon (March 31). For complete roster of events, visit the contest weekend page.

Steamworks ( is the Presenting Sponsor of ECLSb 2013 and the official bathhouse of ECLSb. Our Major Sponsor is Priape ( Community Partners confirmed to date in ECLSb 2013 weekend include Club120 (formerly Goodhandy’s;, Spearhead Toronto (, Churchmouse & Firkin (, Black Eagle Toronto ( and CLAW (

Since 2005, ECLSb contest weekend has been produced by Brandon Matheson (EC LeatherSIR 2004) and Dan Falkenham (EC Leatherboy 2004). For more information about ECLSb weekend or being a contestant, please contact us.