Changing of the Guard

Friday, April 18
1 – 5pm
120 Church St, 2nd floor
Admission: $10
Venue info:

CCCB 2014

CCLSb 2014 Contest

Meet and mingle with contestants, judges, out of town guests and local leather folk. Features special presentations by Nancy Irwin, of Toronto, and Master Mike Zuhl, of Pittsburgh.

Keynote Speech ~ Nancy Irwin
Enriched by the leather/SM community over the past 20 years, Nancy Irwin (aka Naughty Nancy) is an SM activist and a switch who lives to have fun. To help find like-minded players and build community, Nancy has given various SM workshops locally and internationally, organized events, play parties and social groups and published incriminating articles in the queer and kinky press. She strives to be out outside the comfort of the leather community to make the world a safer place for all of us. She loves SM combined with messy sex and laughter and inspires naughty acts as her part of this revolution.

My History is the Past; Let’s Build Tomorrow ~ Master Mike Zuhl
“My history is the past; let’s build tomorrow” is the personal story of one leatherman’s journey. This special presentation by Master Mike Zuhl, founder of the International LeatherSIR / Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack contests, will remind us about the need to remember and honour our leather history and traditions, but also highlight the need for our community to evolve and adapt to change, so that we can build a stronger leather community for the future. Master Mike’s talk will be followed by a question and answer session. A dedicated Leatherman, Master Mike has been teaching his leather skills, mentoring contestants and rallying the leather community for more than 25 years. In addition to ILSb/ICCB, he previously produced the International Mr Drummer and Drummerboy contests and Pennsylvania Mr Drummer and Drummerboy contests. Proprietor of Leather Central Bar in Pittsburgh, Master Mike lives with Matt, his partner of 17 years, as well as his boy, Randy. Master Mike has nurtured a leather family from coast to coast. His latest venture is Master Travel and Tours, a full service travel agency catering to the LGBT community.