CLAW 10: April 28 – May 1, 2011

Master Chuck:
We did a fund raiser which involved securing boy iain to a railing and having people pay 3 dollars for 3 balls, the trick was it was a nerf bat and ball and the had to hit boy iain in the nuts to win a prize the highlight was seeing how hard people were trying to hit the nut pot “jackpot”.

The bear pick me up raffle where I would literally pick up the bears and spank and or grope them while they were being measured for tickets was one hell of allot of fun, there were a few repeat customers and by the end of the weekend one big ol’ American bear saying “fuck me, Sir”

boy iain:

This was my first CLAW and our first really big Leather event as Eastern Canada LeatherSIR/Leatherboy, and a chance to represent “the other contest” circuit – International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy. And it’s clear that not a lot of people are aware of ILSb despite it’s Drummer roots – even when key coordinators of the event are current and past ILSb circuit titleholders.

Sir and I were asked to be involved with fundraisers, which we gladly offered our time and energy.

Much thanks to The Rivermen, Dave Watt, and Sir David (formerly Master Chuck’s slave David) for all your help during the fundraiser.

The seminars at CLAW are some of the best I have ever attended – Most notably the Bareback Porn Roundtable – If there’s one man who can bring together people and spin up a great conversation on sex and risk mitigation, it’s Dave Watt. The conversation was an eye opener for me as an outreach worker, especially listening to men who do bareback and their take on the judgements that they perceive and receive from others. It challenged me just as we all challenged each other. We had a great conversation about how the messaging around safe sex, unsafe sex and condom use has to change for better empowerment rather than talking down to us like kids and take a risk mitigation approach – Some that I know the Ontario AIDS Network and the AIDS Committee of Toronto has been working on.

At CLAW, I picked up and ordered two very special pairs of boots. Firstly my Corcorans which are my formal boots, which I absolutely adore and often wear at work. The other pair is the pair of Wesco Jobmasters with the red trim, as I call “The Canadian Jobmasters”, that Sir gave me permission to purchase. I love these boots and they are so comfortable, and definitely a unique piece that I will take care of for the rest of my life.