Crude: September 9-11, 2011

Master Chuck:
Crude was a great weekend organized by boy iain as the first year of what will likely become an annual event. For me, outdoor events are the best. Tt gave me the opportunity to do some pegging and waxing of my Alpha slave Eric in a demo – those photos are the most downloaded pictures on my web site. (

boy iain:
Crude is a weekend that I am most proud of. The Point actually hosted Crude the year before in 2010, however they didn’t have a person to be the face of the event, if you will – someone kinky and part of the community to promote this event. Mike, the GM of The Point, and I had been chatting about putting something on at The Point. We talked about my involvement over the past few years and this was our chance to make Crude happen the way it was meant to happen.

With the help of the following people, Crude was a major success:

  • Master Chuck, Master R, and Master Aaron who put on a number of demos including Pegging and Wax; flogging and outdoor bondage and fisting
  • slave Eric, boy craig and boy aeryn who were the demo bottoms
  • Colin who helped to organize the campers, who spread the word about the event at the site
  • Mike who has been nothing but supportive during our title year
  • my partner, Master Scott, who also put on some late demos on piercing play
    the seasonal campers of The Point who put on a wonderful dinner Saturday night and who attended the various demos

I am pleased to say that Crude will be running again in 2012 with dates to be decided.