ILSb 2011: July 28-30, 2011

Master Chuck:
International LeatherSIR / Leatherboy / Community Bootblack was an amazing event. As contest co-owner Mark Frasier put it, ILSb/ICBB represents “the cream of the crop. Not only the hottest leathermen in North America but also the most well known, respected and devoted members of the players community.” As a result many long term friendships have been forged. Although we did not win I was very honored to have been awarded the Golden Whip award by my peers.
(Ok, there is just a bit of Daddy in me somewhere.)

boy iain:
ILSb weekend is intense and I’m glad I had a chance to attend the weekend in 2010 to really see if this is a contest I wanted to take part in. From the initial meetings, being on stage in a jock, presenting our speeches, preparing for the fantasy scene, interviews, and the fantasy scene itself, it is quite a ride. Very special thanks to slave Joe for helping Sir and me through that weekend, to Master Scott, slave Kalen and Dan for all of your help, and to Dan and Marco for keeping an eye on Sir and me. Congratulations to Master Chuck for winning the Golden Whip, and to Sir Alan and Nitro for becoming International LeatherSIR and Leatherboy.