(More) Toronto Pride: July 3, 2011

Master Chuck:
For Toronto Pride I wanted for us to be noticed, and gave the Toronto community a side of BDSM they had not seen before. With our truck magnets in hand we decorated my pick up truck with many of my percussives, bondage gear and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in my head cage. We set up a spanking bench where I had boy iain kneeling in front of me. While holding onto his collar I would pull him near, making it look like I was about to kiss him to the cheers of the crowd. However, as he got closer I pulled him down exposing his ass, took out a canoe paddle and proceeded to paddle his ass as the crowd chanted “Harder! Harder!” After a few strokes I would pull him up again and give him a kiss showing the bond a Sir has with his boy. That Reuters ran a photo capturing that moment and BDSM, Toronto and Leather were given exposure around the world. The best Pride I ever had.

boy iain:
Toronto Pride was a rush and definitely a highlight of our title year for me and probably the biggest surprise. Here Sir and I were in the back of His truck, Master Scott and slave Kalen driving; Sir would pull me in for a kiss, force my down over his knees, paddle me with a canoe paddle (in true Canadian style), pull me up and kiss me to great applause from the crowd, who at times were shouting “Beat him!” Oh, the look of feigned shock on my face when it all happened again.

I was very surprised to see that Reuters had the most beautiful Leather shot I had ever seen – that of Sir and me kissing. Really quite magical, and in that moment, it really shows what Leather is to me. On one level it’s the tenderness, but on another it’s the strictness in the dynamic I’ve had with Master Chuck.