2007/2008 Titleholders

Jon Stipdonk
Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2007

It is with great pleasure and pride that I accepted the appointment as Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2007. I was born and raised in Montreal, where I lived until 12 years ago when my job took me to Toronto, the city I now call home. I have been active in the leather community since the age of 16, when I discovered the now-legendary Buds in Montreal. At Bud’s I discovered a place that I belonged — and I have called the leather community home since then. I am and will always be a leather man.

Some of you may know me as a member of the Central Canada Gay Rodeo Association (CCGRA); others from volunteer work or events at The Black Eagle. Many of you don’t know me, or don’t know me well — but I hope that will change over this title year. I always enjoy meeting new people. I can often be found having coffee on the corner of Church and Alexander, or at the Sunday BBQ at the Black Eagle. I invite you to say hello, and I’ll be more then pleased to chat. We can discover our stories.

My many interests range from tattoos and piercings, to nudism, travel and cooking — but my passion is my motorcycle and the open road. As Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2007 I am ready to help where I can at community events and fundraisers. But I also plan to devote time to connecting and working with people on an individual basis — especially newcomers to our community.

As leatherfolk, it’s okay for each of us to be who we want to be; it’s okay to explore ourselves; it’s okay explore your sexuality. Part of the role of this title is about our history and our sexuality. No one has all the answers, but we can help each other find them.

Ryan Tartaglio
Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2007

I was born in Western Canada, in the conservative Prairie province of Alberta. At 21, I moved to Toronto. It was my coming out into a gay community and my discovery of the leather community. My first visit to a leather bar was The Black Eagle in Toronto … on naked night! I was shocked, but more intrigued. It was a part of life that I had not seen before, but at the same time it felt both familiar and comfortable. It was what I had been looking for. And it was sexy! As someone that loves exhibitionism I was in heaven … but I didn’t want to be the watcher!

I flag blue on the right. More recently I have been exploring bondage and I am interested in developing CBT and breath control skills. The smell of leather is a big turn-on for me; it stirs emotions and makes me come alive. I am naturally submissive and enjoy rougher sex and my eyes gravitate towards older men, the Sir and Daddy types; but I don’t discriminate! I like to shave my body; the sensation of the razor and the cool, dry feeling of smooth freshly-shaved skin. But I prefer my Daddies hairy!

I have traveled across Canada, but my only experiences in the leather community have been in Toronto and Montreal. I got my only tattoo was when I was 16, with my mother in celebration of our birthdays. Mine is an Egyptian symbol meaning “Long Life.” I intend to spend that long life in the leather community.

During my title year, I hope to reach out to the newer generation like myself; to the people searching for a place in our community, to create awareness around safety, our history and that it’s okay to explore your kinky side and be who you are.