2009 Titleholders

Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2009

Tony Palazzo
Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2009

I’m a Toronto native, born and raised. In My adult years I’ve lived in Vancouver, B.C. for two years and Sydney, Australia for two years, but have always come back home to Toronto. I have a post secondary education and am currently employed as a Border Services Officer (Customs Inspector) at Pearson International Airport here in Toronto.

I came out in the 70’s and discovered that “new freedom” I had as a gay Man. I immediately realized My Leather/BDSM sexuality and have never deviated from that. Although it was sometimes hard to find willing and experienced Men since there were no seminars or demos at the time, I learned a great deal from Mentors in a very short period of time. I believe Mentoring is still an important part of our community in order to share our Leather/BDSM experiences and sexuality. I identify as a “Leather Man”, and always will.

I have always subscribed to and maintain the creed of “Safe, Sane and Consensual”…but I believe that “Fun” weighs just as importantly in the equation. I have 25 plus years experience in Leather/BDSM and have been very public in My sexuality, whether it be in the community or My work, home or private life. I am proud of who I am, what I have contributed and still have to offer. I’m looking forward to contributing further within the Leather/BDSM community.

I am privileged to have a boy in My life. Our lives together are based in a Sir/boy relationship and we strive to maintain that dynamic. We are partners in life and live as Sir and boy. As I have taught him, so have I learned a great deal. I’ve found that as with everything else, learning is a constant. We continue to grow together in our Leather/BDSM relationship and life together.

I also have the good fortune of presenting monthly demos and workshops at the Black Eagle Toronto in a public forum that allows Me to share My experience and knowledge in Leather/BDSM. With the support of the management of the Black Eagle Toronto, I am able to share, hopefully educate, and provide actual hands-on learning and experiences in a safe and controlled environment to the novice as well as the experienced and those who are just curious enough to want to find out more!

Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2009

Brad Hill
Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2009

I am 27, stand 6′ and weigh 205lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes, with nice fur on my chest and legs. I work out regularly and enjoy sports such as beach volleyball and rollerblading. My arms and back are heavily tattooed with tribal patterns. I have a 4 gauge PA.

I am native of the Peterborough, Ontario area where I discovered at a young age, while growing up on a farm, that I was sexually adventurous and kinky. My fetish for leather came from playing around on the saddles and with the horse bridles and harnesses. And life on the farm provided lots of opportunities to be creative and make use of “pervertables” from around the farm. But it wasn’t until a trip to Phoenix when I was 18 that I was introduced to the world of leather play, which I’ve never strayed from since.

My hanky colors are light pink (right), red (right), yellow (right), orange (left or right depending on night) and navy blue (right). In my teens I knew that I was attracted to Sir/Daddy types. Being around older men and connecting with them makes me feel at my best. I look up to them and draw on their knowledge and strengths. Being in a relationship with an older man makes me feel there is someone looking over me to protect and teach me along my path. Serving a Sir/Daddy lets me know I have a place in this world. I get the most of my pleasure from knowing that my top is enjoying himself.

In 2006 I ran for Mr Black Eagle Toronto and won. I represented the bar in the Mr Leatherman Toronto contest and placed second runner-up. The best thing I took away from that contest was the brotherhood that a group of men could have; coming together and forming a group over a common interest. Each person helping each other to do their best even though we were all after the same goal; no one really putting themselves ahead of another but being understanding and open to each other. This showed me things in common with what I have with my own family. Knowing this was additional reassurance that the leather community was where my chosen family would be built and grown.

My home is a leather household. I live with a couple that have a daddy/boy relationship and they’re my two dads. I can be a bit shy around new people, but I’m not shy when it comes to having sex. I am an exhibitionist, so I like public play. I decided to run for Eastern Canada Leatherboy because the sexual nature of the title is something I can relate to and it’s a good fit with who I am. I like being out and active at community events and being sexual in public, which can be both entertaining, for people who like to watch, and educational, for people that might not often get to see leather play. I may be rambunctious and, at times, even get out of line, but in spirit and heart, I am a boy.