2010 Titleholders

ECLS 2010 Marc

Marc Poisson
Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2010

I moved to Toronto in 1984, from a small village in Northern Ontario, called Fauquier (pronounced “folk-ee-ay”). I still remember when I first moved here, watching men go into places like the St. Charles, the Parkside Tavern, the Quest, and the now-closed Toolbox. I was always fascinated by the leather they wore. Later, I finally had my first experience at The Barracks bathhouse. I remember the smell of leather, sweat and man sex. These are things that still make me smile and remind me of the good times I had discovering my love of leather and adventurous sex. Since that time I have lived in Hamilton and St. Catharines but I have always worked in Toronto. I am very proud of the different facets of gay lifestyle that I have been part of. I have always done my best to give back to the community in whatever way presented itself, but the leather lifestyle was a constant thread that wound throughout it all. I have been lucky throughout the past 13 years for the opportunities to experiment within the BDSM community. From being tied up the first time in a demo at the Black Eagle — and cumming without touching myself! — to now collaring and training my own pups, my advancement has been due to the support of many mentors that have been there to guide me. I want to thank my family, friends and partners, both past and present, who have supported me; especially those who didn’t try to fit me into a certain mold, but rather helped me break out of the ones that were both self-and community-imposed. Personally, I believe a change is coming in our leather community; we are embracing a more diverse type of leatherman than the traditional roles, perhaps broader that what has been most common. I am proud to be part of this change because I am a proud French Canadian Pig Switch who prides himself on being a great Top, because I can also be a great Bottom. I would rather experience all aspects of play, than to end up saying I missed out on something that I should have tried. Let the journey continue!

ECLb 2010 ian

boy ian
Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2010

I was raised as the youngest of seven children in a blue collar home, in Hamilton, Ontario. Seven children? Yes, I was raised Roman Catholic. I have earned my second-degree black belt and have taught karate for several years before I had to give it up due to ankle and knee issues. I was introduced into the leather scene through my involvement with the Hamilton Pride Committee. Through my work with the committee, I met members of the Golden Horseshoe Leather Association (GHLA). I joined the GHLA and befriended my two leather mentors. I owe a great deal to Phil Bentley and John Doleman (the recently deceased founders and owners of the Point Tent and Trailer Resort) for taking me under their wings and showing me the ropes. For all intents and purposes, they were my first leather Daddies/Sirs. It is the memory of their love, boundless energy, and selfless commitment to the leather and bear communities that I take with me through this title year, and always.