2012 Titleholders

Thug Rocco, Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2012

Thug Rocco
Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2012

Rocco’s thug interest started as a kid, playin cops and robbers and bein tied up in da family car, shiftin through da teenage years and beyond ta gangster, biker and corrupt cops in all kinds a underworld kidnappings, one way rides, and speakeasy back room scenes.

Despite not bein born in Brooklyn or New Jersey, and not bein Italian, Rocco’s slugged his way ta where he is today, a low-life goon takin care of business in his own knock-around tough guy way a few hours north of Toronto. His kidnapping and mock whack jobs of rival goons is reputed ta involve bondage, gags, sluggin, breath control, electro torture, hoisting, cement shoes, guns and other sleazy stuff.

He likes physical, hands-on action, and figures bound and gagged goons is at dere best strugglin vainly under da weight of a gruntin sadistic hitman.

As Boss, he’ll train wannabe punks lookin ta find dere inner thug, and has been known ta get snatched an whacked himself – and not only as a way ta help trainee enforcers learn da ropes, either.

Rocco went fer Eastern Canada LeatherSIR cause he figures “Leather” means all kinds of adventurous bondage, leather, BDSM, role play, tough guy, etc. action — and is fuckin pleased ta have won.

boy Alex, Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2012

boy alex
Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2012

Howdy folks! My name’s Alex, but I usually get boy added to the front of it, or people call me by my pup name, Mack. I also answer to slave, slut and “Hey, you there! Suck my cock!” I’m originally from Whitby, Ontario, but live in Kingston right now for university. Even though Kingston has a growing gay and leather community, one that I hope to help grow, I am most involved and present in the community in Toronto.

The first time I tried kink was when I was born and my umbilical cord tied my hands behind my back. Kidding! The first time was when I lost my virginity to a threesome with my hands bound and wearing a blindfold. Things only got more intense from there! Leather and fetish however has not always been a positive thing in my life, my most recent relationship being vanilla for the majority of it. However, after a long time spent exploring what it is that drew me to leather in the first place, I rediscovered my passion for it. I have only really been in the community for a few months, and am ecstatic to have the opportunity to represent a region that has already given me so much!

Even though I wrote that my first time trying kink and leather was when I lost my virginity, I usually don’t consider it that. I usually consider my first time with leather the time when I was with a dominant (super sexy) man, and he asked me to lick his black, knee high Wescos. I had never done it before, nor had I ever thought about boots as being something fun and sexy, but the dominant look in his eyes made me want to obey so I started licking them clean. The smell hit me when I leaned down to lick them. I mean, I had worn leather before but this was the first time I felt so close to it. I really got to take in the smell, and the taste, and it drove me crazy! I swear I don’t know how long I was down there licking them; it could have been hours for all I know. The reason I consider this my first leather experience is because it was the first time that leather created a noticeable and unbelievably enjoyable connection with another man. I’ve had the taste of leather in my mouth ever since!

Even though I’m just turning 21 in March, I’ve been lucky enough to be trained and taught by a lot of really awesome Sirs and Masters. I have a lot of experience for my age, and thanks to these men, I’ve been given the chance to give back. I understand that this title is a play title, so even though I’m eager to give back through community service, I’m just as excited to service the community in other ways! Wink, wink!

Some of my personal favorite things to do are bondage, from light to extreme, electro, stomping and crushing, hypnotism, watersports, roleplay (dad/son, coach/jock, abductions and kidnapping), uniforms (cops, firemen, military, etc.) flogging, whipping, dog and pup play, socks, feet, sneakers, boots, a few more boots, and then maybe 10-500 more boots!

I’m really proud to be a leather boy and have the chance to travel around on my own personal kinky road trip! I’m really friendly and one of the best things about this title is having the excuse to meet so many people, so never be afraid to say hey and introduce yourself! Shit, I’ll probably lick your boots if you do!