2014 Titleholders

Sir James, Central Canada LeatherSIR 2014

Sir James (contact)
Central Canada LeatherSIR 2014

I was born in Oakville, but raised in Ottawa for most of my life. Four years ago, I was drawn back to Toronto to jump back into my education, and in this past year I have been accepted to Ryerson for Environment and Urban Sustainability as my major with a Sociology minor and a possible double minor in Geology. With the large time needed to be devoted to University, I still manage to continue to work part time during the school year and summer months.

My whole coming out process as a gay man began in Ottawa where I came out to my local family and friends at the age of 18 and the rest of my family roughly around the age of 20. Since the beginning of that process, Leather and BDSM has always been something that has been a turn on and interest of mine. Only recently at the age of 24 have I been able to explore that part of me.

I dove into the Leather community and my exploration of fetishes, allowing me to discover myself and my place. During this process I learned how dominant I am. Soon after I discovered and identify with, the life of a leather man and began learning what it was to live that life, and what it
meant to be a Sir.

While it has only been a year into my discovery of Leather and BDSM, I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting and learning from the awesome Leather community in Toronto. The people I have had the pleasure to interact with helped to push me forward, grow and learn about this community that I have become more and more passionate about with each passing day. With that push, and with their help I have had the opportunity and the privilege to demonstrate my skills confidently at some events in Toronto. As I look towards the future, I hope I will be in a position to mentor men as they embark on their personal discovery of Leather and BDSM and to continue to grow as a contributing member of my community, a community that has given me so much. I have embraced the lifestyle and I will continue to grow as a Leatherman and a Sir.

Gary Major, Central Canada Leatherboy 2013

Gary Major (contact)
Central Canada Leatherboy 2014

Born in Toronto I have spent most of my life here which has had a major impact on my predilection to kink. I always knew I was kinky but raised in a sex-negative house, it took many years for me to come to grips with my kink and to begin to experiment. Since my bedroom was in the basement next to my father’s workroom, in my masturbation fun, I remember enjoying access to all of his tools and using them to help me get off. If he only knew how many times his hammer was in my ass!

It wasn’t until recent years that I really started to experiment and learn where my kinks lie. This led me down a path to my first stop, rubber. Rubber is definitely one of my favourites, but more so for the restriction than the material; though rubber led me to my first title, Mr Rubber Toronto 2010 and subsequently 2nd runner-up at Mr International Rubber (MIR). Exploring my kinks also led me to events around Canada and the US. One of my favourites is CLAW. Not only is this an amazingly relaxed and friendly event, it’s also wear I met my first Sir.

Being a part of a Leather family was some of the best times of my life, but unfortunately “life” got in the way and I had to part ways with Them. This experience strengthened my resolve and quelled any doubt whether being a “boy” was for me. Finally realizing that I truly was a boy and proud of it, naturally led me to the Central Canada Leatherboy contest. I first ran in 2013 — and, fortunately, did not win. I say fortunately because running against boy Dom really showed me how much more I needed to grow to truly represent this title. This discovery and my growth led me back to this year’s contest, where I ran and won. Though I was unopposed in the contest, I still gave it my all and I could not have been more pleased with my performance. Running again allowed me to break out of my head and show what I am truly capable of achieving.

My main goal for this year, besides enjoying the ride and getting closer to my title family, is to show that no matter who you are or how you are perceived by the outside world, how you feel inside is all that matters. Fuck the haters. Do what you want — and be proud of it! And I plan to carry that attitude with me straight to ILSb later this year. I may not be the “perfect” boy but I am the boy that I am supposed to be and I could not be prouder of myself.

Bootblackgirl Susy, Central Canada Community Bootblack 2014

Bootblackgirl Susy (contact)
Central Canada Community Bootblack 2014

“Bootblacking is in my blood and in my sole — misspelling intended — being a bootblack is part of my identity.”

Bootblack Girl Susy loves boots and leather and loves to see it all shine. Susy began blacking in 2008. After winning the Toronto Church Street Fetish Fair Bootblack 2009 competition she went on to educate her community about the joys of bootblacking. Participating as an educator in many local workshops she helped folks new to bootblacking become more comfortable and confident as she welcomed them into their new world.

Susy sat on the international organizing committee for the RE:Boot conference in 2011 an opportunity for bootblacks from all over North America to come together to discuss all aspects of the leather and kink community that interests them as well as skill share. She has been a Judge for the Great Lakes Bootblack Competition 2012 and has helped to raise thousands of dollars for various charities through bootblacking. She has traveled to various international events to learn more about her Leather community and has assisted in various roles at community leather events such as cigar girl at the ImsL Boots and Cigar party, venue manager for Unholy Harvest a leather women kink conference and Judges girl at the Mr. Gladaman’s Den competition, a bar where she blacked on a regular basis.

Susy has also spent time in the Toronto pansexual kink scene introducing people to her bootblack chair. Assisting newcomers to a bootblack chair to become comfortable with the etiquette and exchange that happens between a bootblack and her customer.