CLAW: Bears Out of Hibernation Leather/Bear Party

Master Chuck, Eastern Canada LeatherSIR and boy iain, Eastern Canada Leatherboy will be invading CLAW’s Bears Out of Hibernation Leather/Bear Party:

April 29, 2011 – 10 pm

The Leather Stallion Saloon
2205 St. Clair Ave.
Cleveland OH

This year’s party will include an evening of Leather Bear related anctics:

  • Leather Bear Base Balls: Hit the bound Bear in the balls using Nerf Balls and Nerf Bat to win a prize! 3 balls for 3 bucks.
  • Tame The Caged Bear: There’s this aggressive Bear who will try to attack who ever comes near its cage, and he needs to be tamed: $3 dollars to shock the Bear (via an electric shock collar on his nuts) or Feed the Bear into submission so he can be tamed enough to be petted/felt up and have clothes pins placed on him. At midnight, the fun starts as we remove the clothes pins.
  • Bear Pick Me Up Raffle: Get stuck in a powerful bear hug while your inseam is measured from balls to boots. Prizes include an all inclusive week long pass to the Sno Bears Northern Exposure 2011, a week long BDSM and Bear friendly camping event held North of Sudbury (a $290 value) and much more.

This is an official CLAW Bar Night – hope to see you there!