Announcing the Central Canada Community Bootblack Contest

New CCCB regional contest open to bootblacks from across Ontario

(Toronto, Ontario, CA) — Organizers of the Central Canada LeatherSIR / Leatherboy (CCLSb) contest weekend today announced the formation and launch of the Central Canada Community Bootblack (CCCB) contest. The inaugural CCCB contest will be part of the CCLSb 2014 contest weekend in April.

The CCLSb 2014 weekend will take place Thursday, April 17 through Sunday, April 20 (the Easter long weekend). The weekend will feature seven events, between Thursday night and Sunday afternoon. The complete roster of events will be posted at the end of February on the 2014 Contest Weekend page.


Steamworks Baths Toronto ( is the Presenting Sponsor of CCLSb 2014 weekend and is the official bathhouse of CCLSb.

“At the international level, ILSb is in an exciting process of revitalization and change. With recent changes at our regional level and the creation of the Central Canada region, the timing is perfect to create a new, welcoming space in our contest weekend for bootblacks from across Ontario,” says Brandon Matheson, co-producer of CCLSb and CCCB. “Though it’s a regional level contest, there is no prerequisite required to enter the CCCB contest. You just need to love polishing boots. It’s open to both former titleholders and those new to bootblacking at any skill level.”

“Bootblacks have been taking part at our companion event Rough House sporadically over the past couple years. The dungeon-house party environment is a great setting for bootblacks and they’ve always been well received by attendees. In January, two new bootblacks-in-training at Rough House were a great addition to the event and atmosphere. We plan to formalize Rough House as a regular ‘home event’ for the new Central Canada Community Bootblack titleholder, as well as any new or current bootblacks that want to come out and be active at Rough House to learn, practice or just enjoy time spent on the fetish of boots and the service of bootblacking,” says Dan Falkenham, co-producer of CCLSb and CCCB.

“One popular aspect that’s been well received by the local community attending LeatherSIR Leatherboy events and Rough House is that everyone happily checks their egos at the door and we just focus on having fun in a welcoming leather play space,” says Matheson. “The local LeatherSIR and Leatherboy titles have always been self-directed, without a long list of stringent duties and rules. Titleholders choose how to fit their title responsibilities into their daily lives. We as producers are available to assist and support whenever required, but we do not dictate how to run their life during their title year, how to be a titleholder or how they run their title year. That philosophy is also the foundation of the new Central Canada Community Bootblack (CCCB) contest.”

A call for CCCB 2014 contestants and other contest-related news will be issued in the days ahead.

Community Partners confirmed to date for CCLSb weekend include Club120 (, Spearhead Toronto (, Churchmouse & Firkin (, Black Eagle Toronto ( and CLAW (

In January, the former Eastern Canada LeatherSIR / Leatherboy contest region that had existed since 2003 was reorganized to create three new regions — Central Canada, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Central Canada LeatherSIR / Leatherboy and Central Canada Community Bootblack are produced by Brandon Matheson (Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2004) and Dan Falkenham (Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2004), who have produced the Eastern Canada contest since 2005.

For more information about CCLSb weekend or being a contestant please contact the producers.