2006 Titleholders

Sir Franco Tantillo
Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2006

Born in Italy, raised in Toronto, my first leather experience was when a friend took me to a leather bar in Detroit. Fascinated with the men in leather and facial hair, I knew immediately that leather life was an arena that I had to investigate further.

There was a particularly memorable event in my coming out into the leather scene that goes back to that bar in Detroit. I went home with two men and they had a sling, which I had never seen before. It was an extreme turn-on to see them performing many types of sexual acts – and for me to be included in them as well! I had fantasized about group sex but I did not really think that others shared the same fantasies. Boy, was I naïve then!

Since then, I’ve been fascinated and turned on by leather.

I like to experiment sexually. I enjoy most scenes and there are not many things that I have not tried, but I always wear my hankies on the left. Currently I am investigating Puppy Play. I’ve always been a Top but I did not realize for a long time that I was a Sir, until I met my current Boy, Jason. Jason is both my title Boy and my real life partner – but the story of how we met is for another time.

At 49, I stand 5’5″ and weigh 150 lbs. I am employed as a postal worker with Canada Post Corporation. I have always enjoyed travel and have visited most continents. Though I have spent most of my life in Toronto, in the early 1990s I also lived in Vancouver for five years.

My volunteered experience covers organizations both gay and straight, including hospitals, seniors residences and with Meals On Wheels, a service that delivers meals to people living with AIDS. I have been a volunteer and voting member the Mr. Leather Toronto organization. And, if not directly involved, I have always made a point of trying to attend bar and club fundraisers around town to support the many organizers that are working for so many good causes.

As Eastern Canada LeatherSIR 2006, I have participated in Toronto and Montreal Pride celebrations, and International Mr. Leather in Chicago; assisted in fundraisers for the leather club Spearhead and attended the club’s annual run; and, attended community events such as Church Street Fetish Fair and FFN4 (the Toronto fetish fair formerly known as Folsom Fair North).

I can often be found with Boy Jason at the Black Eagle in Toronto. Sometimes we’re socializing or participating in bar events, and sometimes we’re even working, as recently we both joined the bar staff as a way to experience new aspects of a night out at the Eagle.

boy Jason
Eastern Canada Leatherboy 2006

I grew up in the small town of Ancaster, Ontario. I knew early in life that I was gay, but I was afraid to pursue any type of relationship. When an opportunity to move to Ottawa presented itself before college graduation, I jumped at the chance to discover myself. It was in Ottawa that I started to grow as a leatherman and to become what I am today: a proud leatherboy.

I first realized that I was a boy early in my exploration, and I knew I wanted to regain the energy and passion of my lost youth and, most importantly, to live in service to my Sir. I now live in Toronto with my partner and title sir, Sir Franco. We can be found on various weekends supporting fundraisers, attending leather events and contests, and working at the Black Eagle, where we recently joined the staff for the overall experience and social aspects.

Which is first, boy or bootblack? I have pondered that question many times. I have a major fetish for boots, owning approximately 15 different pairs of boots in leather and rubber. And I love to bootblack. I have blacked on occasion at the Black Eagle and at special events such as Mr Leatherman Toronto’s Resurrection party, but I will always be a boy first – in service to my leather community.

I am always experimenting with BDSM, trying new things with my Sir. I’ll try almost anything twice before making a final decision. I wear a rainbow of coloured hankies, almost exclusively on the right side; and, on occasion, when Sir allows, on the left. Of my many kinks and fetishes, my current adventures include watersports and puppy play.

I have always been creative and have worked for 17-years in the graphic arts field (specifically printing). I am currently developing a marketing company that specifically targeted to the gay community.

I enjoy numerous outdoor activities and currently am an avid technical scuba diver. I have travelled across North America in pursuit of the perfect dive.

I have a shy nature, but don’t let that fool you. I can step into the spotlight, both in leadership role and literally. Recently I participated as a model in the Men Of Raw fashion show, modelling some of my leather collaborations with Raw Studios in support of an MLT fundraiser for Teresa Group (a Toronto organization that works with children with AIDS and their families). I have also helped out at other community fundraising events, with groups such as Spearhead (Toronto’s oldest leather fraternity group).

I have a simple philosophy of wearing something leather every day and proudly wearing my Sir’s collar.